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Effective Property Management


Truitt Realty Services (TRS) is the newest company on the property management block. It is owned and operated by Oscar Alvarez who has been working in property management in the DC area over the last 20+ years.

At TRS we practice the tailoring of property management to your needs and the needs of the property. Detailed records are maintained by the account/owner or condominium, and monthly and quarterly statements are issued to you. The property is inspected and tenants are held accountable. We make recommendations for improvement with cost options. 


For condominium associations, we become recordkeepers, eyes, and ears, and handle just about everything for you from reviewing annual insurance policies to administering contracts to routine building inspections. Funds are deposited into association accounts and are not commingled.


TRS, primarily serves individual property owners, multi-unit buildings, and condominium associations in DC, offering a full range of rentals, and property management needs, including rentals, property inspections, maintenance, and capital improvements. We also offer Concierge Service (minding your property while you travel), and acquire business licenses. We offer quality service at competitive rates.


TRS is a licensed and bonded company to operate in Washington, DC.


Contact Us for more specific details regarding your needs.

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