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For Owners 

Truitt Realty Services, primarily serves individual property owners, multi-unit buildings, and condominium associations in Washington, offering a full range of rentals, property management needs,  including rentals, property inspections, maintenance, and capital improvements. We offer quality service at competitive rates.


  • In general, our services include:

  • Diagnosis of problems

  • Cost/approach options

  • Knowledge of buildings and maintenance

  • Move-in/move-out inspections

  • Maintenance of records

  • Monthly/Quarterly reports

  • Special reports for condominium associations

  • One/two/three year recommendations and budgets

  • Condo annual meetings

  • Contracts and Administration

  • Attendance at hearings

  • Representation to city agencies

  • Enforcement of quality standards

  • Rentals and tenant processing

  • No co-mingling of funds

  • Professional consulting

  • 24-hour emergency availability

                                           ....and more.

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